Past Events

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Fall 2017

Individuation in Times of Darkness, in Times of Light

The Selma to Montgomery March and the Trickster Archetype

Film & Discussion: “Ensoulment”

Spring 2017

Experiencing Transcendence

Penetrating the Darkness: Releasing Trauma from the Body

The Divine Feminine in Tibetan Buddhism

Fall 2016

Hoof Prints Full of Rainwater: Poetry and the Analytic Tradition

C.G. Jung Dances with E. Kubler-Ross in the 21st Century

Film & Discussion: “Beauty & The Beast”

Spring 2016

Film & Discussion: “Hoffman’s Potion”

Alchemy as Autobiography / An Invitation to the Alchemical Imagination, Part II

Jung for a Day & Book Sale

As the Spirit Grows / Spirit and Archetype in a Fairy Tale and in Our Lives

Fall 2015

Film & Discussion: “Best of Enemies”

The Relevance of Jung Today: A Salon

The Gospel According to John, Paul, George, and Ringo (with a Little Help from C.G. Jung)

Spring 2015

Cooking and Alchemy: Holy Mole! / Writing Your Personal Myth

Buddhism and Depth Psychology: Exploring a Possible Synthesis / A Meditation Retreat

Tarot, Synchronicity, and the Psychology of C.G. Jung / Working with Tarot Images for Personal Growth

Forgiveness in the Teeth of Genocide / The Psychology of Forgiveness

Into the Labyrinth: Journaling Our Spiritual Lives

The Inside Story of Biosphere 2

Fall 2014

A Northern Journey: Soul of a Man, Spirit of the Bear / Exploring Our Initiatory Experiences

Playing with a Full Deck: Finding Clarity through the Creation and Consultation of SoulCollage Cards / An Introduction to the Magic of SoulCollage

Anger, Conscious and Unconscious / Living with the Furies

Spring 2014

Jung, Astrology, and Synchronicity / The Birth Chart through the Lens of Depth Psychology

Common Bedrock of Jung and Steiner: What Might Save Us / Birth Pains: Goethe’s Approach to the Psyche and to the Natural World

The Dynamics and Symbolism of Ceremony / Ceremony as a Means of Realization

The ATALANTA FUGIENS: A Personal Relationship / The ATALANTA FUGIENS: An Introduction

The Australian Cultural Complex and Shadow / Exploring Cultural Complexes of the United States and Australia

Dreams, a Vista to the Transcendent

Fall 2013

Affect and Archetype / The Shame Complex

The Mystical Drama of Jung’s Red Book / A Dramatic Reading of Scenes from the Red Book

Spring 2013

Portals to the Unconscious / Dream Interpretation

Greed: Hunger’s Agony

Encountering the Unconscious: Introduction to the Method of Jungian Analysis

Archetypal Thin Places: Experiencing the Numinosum

Islands and Tides as Symbols of the Self / Liminality and the Development of

Fall 2012

Rock Art and Archetype in the American Southwest / Spiritual Archaeology: Unearthing Your Soul’s Creativity

“Just a Pinch of Salt, Please” / The Four Alchemical Elements

New and Old ‘Myths’ About Stepfamilies / Conditional and Unconditional Love: Why We Need Both

Spring 2012

The Genogram of the Jung Family and the Genogram of Your Family and a Positive View of Family Relationships from a Quanta Universe

The Neuroscience of Individuation, of Love and Loss / Love in the City: The Many Forms of Loss and Only One Way to Let Go

Introduction to SoulCollage® / Exploring Your “Shadow” with SoulCollage®

Love Addiction, Creativity & C.G. Jung

Sustaining Earth, Sustaining Soul

Fall 2011

Night Consciousness, Sleep, and Dreams / Mindful Sleep: A Non-Violent Approach / Remembering REM: The Lost Art of Dreaming

Black Swan: Film Showing and Discussion Led by a Jungian Analyst and a Film Buff

Jung and Expressive Arts