Southern Arizona Friends of Jung

May 25 Salon Registration

August 30, 2022

Dear members of the Southern Arizona Friends of Jung:

Thank you for participating in our special election this year and ensuring the continuation of our organization!  

Please click here to read about our nine new board members. We have committed ourselves to sharing the teachings and philosophies of Carl Jung and bringing people together who recognize the value of Depth Psychology in every facet of modern life.

As our membership drive gears up, please note the offerings we will be presenting this year:  

In addition to the expert presentations outlined in our upcoming events, we will host a study of the Red Book, explore dream councils, and collaborate with local artists to create a Jung-themed exhibition.

 Join us as we move forward.  And bring a friend!

Charles Gillispie, President

“There is no light without shadow and
no psychic wholeness without imperfection.
To round itself out life . . . calls not for perfection
but for completeness;
and for this the ‘thorn in the flesh’ is needed,
the suffering of defects without which there is no
progress and no ascent.”

—Carl Gustav Jung

Southern Arizona Friends of Jung is a public organization in Tucson

Friends of Jung is dedicated to promoting the psychology of C. G. Jung through affordable lectures, workshops and discussion groups designed for both lay and professional interests.

If you don’t find the information you need on our web site, E-mail your questions to:

Southern Arizona Friends of Jung is a non-profit organization that provides educational programming to the public about the work and theories of C.G. Jung. These educational offerings are not intended to function as professional counseling or psychotherapy for participants.