Southern Arizona Friends of Jung

December 28, 2023

Dear Friends of Jung,

I am writing to thank you for your interest, support, and participation in the SAFOJ programs this past year, and to share a preview of events to come in 2024:

—on February 10th, Wendy Balconi and Marc Adams will present The Inner Dance: A Jungian Approach to Argentine Tango in-person at St. Francis in the Foothills Church here in Tucson. See details here

—on April 27th, Murray Stein will present a lecture on Zoom, from Zurich, titled What is the State of Our World TodaySee details here

—more events, including community programs, will be coming, and listed on our Upcoming Events page.

Looking back on 2023, your involvement has allowed us to break important new ground in bringing the message of Depth Psychology to a wider and wider audience. This fall, our programs included a public exhibit and lecture on visionary art at the Valdez Library; Rubin Naiman’s workshop on The Art of Consciousness, a series of dream groups led by Helen Landerman, and our Annual Meeting featuring a preview of Christine Clawley’s film Tapestry of Time

We are grateful for your memberships and donations—and now is a good time to renew if you haven’t yet for 2023/24! Your contributions allowed us to sponsor U of A students’ free participation in some of our most popular programs, including Susan Rowland’s Jung and the LGBTQ Family and Ken James’s Using the Tarot As A Tool for Individuation, both presented last spring. They have also supported our first presentation, Jung and Spiritual Direction, to the Atria Campana del Rio retirement community. If you would like to continue your support, renew your membership, or become a new member, please visit our membership page

Again, thank you for your participation and contributions this past year. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Charles Gillispie, President

“There is no light without shadow and
no psychic wholeness without imperfection.
To round itself out life . . . calls not for perfection
but for completeness;
and for this the ‘thorn in the flesh’ is needed,
the suffering of defects without which there is no
progress and no ascent.”

—Carl Gustav Jung

Southern Arizona Friends of Jung is a public organization in Tucson

Friends of Jung is dedicated to promoting the psychology of C. G. Jung through affordable lectures, workshops and discussion groups designed for both lay and professional interests.

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Southern Arizona Friends of Jung is a non-profit organization that provides educational programming to the public about the work and theories of C.G. Jung. These educational offerings are not intended to function as professional counseling or psychotherapy for participants.