Southern Arizona Friends of Jung

May 28, 2024

Dear Friends of Jung,

As we enter the heat of Tucson summer, we’d like to express gratitude for the rewarding spring events behind us, and our anticipation of a fruitful and engaging 2024/25 year of expert and community events for SAFOJ.

This past February, we were excited to present SAFOJ’s first in-person expert event since COVID, The Inner Dance, a Jungian exploration of Tango by Marc Adams and Wendy Balconi. In April, it was our honor to host the renowned Murray Stein for a zoom talk and discussion on the current state of the world from a Jungian perspective.

Community activities this spring included dream groups by Helen Landerman, a movie night at the Ada Pierce McCormick Library on the University of Arizona campus, and a book discussion group led by Ann Bright at Atria Senior Living.

After our fiscal pause over the summer, we look forward to an exciting Annual Meeting in September, on the topic “Jung Around the World”. With participation of our board members, we will present a survey of current Jung work in various regions of the globe, including economic and political factors affecting the study and dissemination of Jungian ideas.

We hope you will join us for this meeting on September 13, as well as for our fall programs which will be confirmed and posted on our Upcoming Events page over the summer. Please note that we will also be listing Phoenix Friends of Jung events, as we have a reciprocal agreement with them that gives our members a discount to their events. Meanwhile, it is not too early to renew your membership!

Wishing you all a happy summer,

The Board members of SAFOJ

“There is no light without shadow and
no psychic wholeness without imperfection.
To round itself out life . . . calls not for perfection
but for completeness;
and for this the ‘thorn in the flesh’ is needed,
the suffering of defects without which there is no
progress and no ascent.”

—Carl Gustav Jung

Southern Arizona Friends of Jung is a public organization in Tucson

Friends of Jung is dedicated to promoting the psychology of C. G. Jung through affordable lectures, workshops and discussion groups designed for both lay and professional interests.

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Southern Arizona Friends of Jung is a non-profit organization that provides educational programming to the public about the work and theories of C.G. Jung. These educational offerings are not intended to function as professional counseling or psychotherapy for participants.