Tucson Jung Library Event October 2012

C. J. Jung Library of the Southern Arizona Friends of Jung:
The Southern Arizona Friends of Jung has a permanent library of Jungian-oriented books, housed at the Little Chapel of All Nations at the Ada Peirce McCormick Building at 1401 E. First Street, Tucson (located at the northeast corner of East First Street and Highland Avenue Pedestrian Underpass, Tucson), 520-623-1692. The library is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday during the school year. Call for summer / vacation hours. The Little Chapel has its own parking lot on the university campus! We recommend calling in advance to register your license plate. If driving by car, come in from Cherry Ave.The C. G. Jung Library fills two floor-to-ceiling book shelves in the Reading Room of the Little Chapel of All Nations on the University of Arizona campus. The Reading Room offers a comfortable place to sit and read. Members of SAFOJ will have one-month borrowing privileges with a $1 per book deposit.

Tucson Jung Library Event

Several members of the Southern Arizona Friends of Jung have been organizing our C. G. Jung Library over the past few months. We received donations of an excellent collection of books from Ted Holt and additional periodicals from David Hill to add to the library built by members over the last twenty years. The Board voted to purchase a copy of the splendid facsimile edition of Jung’s Red Book for our Library. Earlier donations by Pat O’Donnell and Elizabeth’s Books have been integrated. If it’s about Jungian ideas and you can’t find it anywhere else, check our library!

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